Monday, June 6, 2016

Torta cioccolata con la zucchina


Sooo last week, my companion got really sick and that wasn't awesome.
But she's feeling better. Thank goodness! Being sick on the mission is
not fun for anyone. Your companion is throwing up with a fever and so
the office makes you guys stay at home for a couple days (which is the
obviously wise thing to do, but sooooo boring!) when we finally got to
go out we felt like Rapunzel leaving her tower for the first time. I
skipped a little.

Saturday we had an interesting experience. We had an appointment with
a girl we met at central the other day. So we meet up at the piazza,
and were like okay where do we go from here? And so she had brought a
friend, and she's like, let's go to to this bar, and were like

Now, I don't know if I've explained this before but Italian bars are
very different from American bars. In America, a bar is a place for
alcohol and that's it. In Italy, a bar sells milk juices, coffee,
pastries and other baked goods, candy, and at some there is also
alcohol. What makes bars different here is the people that hang out
there. There's just a natural "type" that is attracted to each bar.
Like it's not written anywhere, but different groups just decide which
is their hangout and it becomes the "work people" bar and the family
bar, and the high schooler after school bar, and then their was the
one we ended up going to and it was the hipster of all hipster
(because Pescara is already a hipster city) bar for the young adults
that smoke all day. We definitely did not foresee that, and it wasn't
the first time I've taught a lesson in a bar but definitely the first
time explaining the Plan of Salvation and Book of Mormon through
literal clouds of smoke. Haha, that's Italy.

Yesterday there was a big multistake conference for all of Western
Europe. It was pretty cool.
 Help me I don't know what to write!!! You should just send me some
questions, and I would love to respond to them. Writing email is hard,
and I know I need to do it, but by the time is pday, I'm just like
man! I don't know what to say and my brain is dead.

 Sorella's Jarnigan, Holiday, Battezatto, Margheriti

 Here's our four generation picture from last pday! The great grandma, grandma, the mom and the baby. Hahahah, we're weird.

 Rome pday

 Rom mess

 My falling apart companion

German pancakes

Cool house, had to take a picture

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