Monday, October 19, 2015

Living ghetto and rocking it

We spent Monday night in Catania and zone conference was Tuesday and we rushed to get out of there fast, and as we were leaving I realized I forgot my towel at the Sorellas apartment, but it was too late so we kept going. And then we finally got back to Ragusa and I realized I left ALL of my beauty supplies back in Catania! My makeup, hair product, hair ties, face lotion, tooth brush, deodorant, and pretty much everything that a girl packs in a travel bag. I was wondering why I was able to fit 10 book of Mormons in my suitcase because it was really full on the way up, and then I realized! So I've been making do this past week. Saturday morning we had to buy some
water (you do not drink the water in Sicily, and I have a water purifier but it's still questionable tasting) because we didn't really have a Pday last Monday, so I bought some hair products and a tooth
brush. Luckily I had an extra stick of deodorant, I don't really like makeup anyways but I'm buying more today and leave in conditioner for my hair. There was and extra pillow case lying around that I've been using for a towel, and Sorella Battezzato had an extra toothbrush head, it's literally just the head of the toothbrush, haha, bristles on a plastic base. Good thing I have a big mouth so I could fit my hand in it. The mission teaches you how to live ghetto, and just work with it. Haha, don't even get me started on our apartment, it's awesome :)

Thursday we were in Comiso (it's another city in our area, but it takes a while to get there if we're not going with a member so we only go once a week) because we had three appointments there, so we had lunch there and planned on getting pizza at this restaurant, but apparently they only make pizza for dinner, and so we got what else was on their menu. Best spaghetti I've ever had, Spaghetti dello Scaglio, so it had the most amazing sauce and clams, shrimp and squid in it!

It was a really good week, and we had a really awesome experience that I probably won't write, but I'll tell you about it some day. It was also a tough week. We see so many little miracles everyday, when we're out contacting it's amazing the people whose path we cross. But it's really hard work. A lot of people cancel appointments last second, a lot of people don't want anything to do with us, sometimes we have to resort to hours of street contacting at a time, and you wonder why you would choose to do something so hard and foreign for such a long time. Leaving behind everything that you're comfortable with and used to, by choice.

This morning during our study time, I was reading a talk we had planned on sharing with someone tonight from the last April general conference, "Is It Still Wonderful to You?".

So I was reflecting on this, and yes, of course it's only been two months now, but it is wonderful. The knowledge of my Savior, my testimony of a loving Heavenly Father, the reality of the plan of salvation, and all the beautiful things that that He has given us in this life to help us achieve our potential, to help prepare us for our eternity. It is so flipping wonderful, and life is full of joy! We all have trials, but life is not meant to just be endured, it's meant to be enjoyed.

Ciao ciao!
Sorella Holiday

 In Catania

Anziano Kawai wanted a picture with the sisters and then some other
elders jumped in

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