Monday, October 26, 2015

Singing in the rain

Things I've learned from Tangled and from my mission:
1. A frying pan is literally all you need
    When I live on my own again, all I'm buying is a frying pan and a
cupcake pan because cupcakes are important and you can make ANYTHING
in a frying pan.
2. How to make friends because of your hair
    "Hey, I like your curls!" "Grazie! I like yours too. They're so
small, is your hair real?" "Why yes, it is. Let me tell you about my
biracial family and how the family can live together forever"
    Also one of the sisters in our ward who had a husband pass away
recently, and hasn't come to church for a while, is going to braid my
hair next pday! She's from Nigeria, and the warmest nicest loving
person ever. Her little boy speaks perfect Italian, and English with a
thick Nigerian accent, it's adorable. I'm also very excited because
I've never had tiny braids before.
3. Mother knows best.
     My trainer, Sorella Battezzato, is such a boss! I don't know what
I would do without her. I don't know how people manage without having
a companion whose first language is Italian. Especially when people
have a really thick Sicilian accent, I'm hoping it's not Italian that
they're speaking because I can't understand a bit of it, haha, but no,
she tells me it's still Italian. Sometimes they actually are speaking
Siciliano, but usually no. Also, to clear the confusion, people on the
mission do a weird thing and the first companion you have, they refer
to them as your mom, or for Elders dad. I don't actually call her
"mom" because that would be super weird, but some missionaries just do
it to be funny I guess.

This week was really hard. That's about all I have to say about that.
But luckily the hills and all the walking balances out for the amount
of stress eating, haha. Nutellaaaaa!

We're working very hard, and getting a little better each day. Slowly
but surely we're seeing the fruits of our labors.

I LOVE THE MEMBERS IN RAGUSA. They are like angels, and when we are
feeling really wore out they're like, hey, take some biscotti. Or,
"let me give you a ride to the questura and wait out in the freezing
cold with you until I have to go to work!" These people are literally
saints. Also, they know a crazy ton about the Bible and Book of
Mormon. I guess if you convert from Catholicism, it takes a little
more to be willing to leave behind your families traditions of
hundreds of years. These people know what they're talking about when
they say they know the church is true. Only the spirit can convert
people, but wow these people know their facts. We had a lesson the
other week with an investigator and the Chines family (they are like
our grandparents and live in our building, I love them SO much) and
Fratello Chines answered a lot of her questions and in that lesson
even I had a bunch of, "ohhhh, that's what that means" moments.

Not a very long email this week, but I just want to leave with my
testimony of Jesus Christ. He was truly the Son of God. He died, but
He lives. We all came to Earth and we knew mortality would not be
easy, but Christ came, and lived a perfect life so that we would be
able to find some relief in this life and have a hope for our life yet
to come. The atonement is real. Christ built his church when he was on
the earth so that we would know what to do to return to the presence
our Father in Heaven, and to be able to live with Him for all
eternity. Christ worked hard everyday to remain perfect, and he
suffered infinitely more than we can imagine, and He did this because
He loves us. He loves each and every person individually, and He can
never forget you.
I know these things are true.

-Sorella Holiday

Don't worry, I didn't buy it. Haha, but wow I look crazy in this picture

 This is our view from our kitchen balcony. We live at the edge of the city.

Spesa-Off to do grocery shopping. Behold, the granny cart. The other one
broke last week so we also carried bags today.

 Inspiration wall in our study room

 My bed

 My desk. Oops, it's kind of messy.

 This focused weird but there's a panificio by where we live and it's
called scaccia. It has meat and cheese and lasagna and it's covered in
a thin layer of bread and it's wayyyy good but my camera focused

 This is sooo good! It's like thick fruit leather but softer. They call
it marmellata which also means jam but it's not jam.

 My first district in the field. After DDM

From Friday at the questura. We did our comp study while we waited for
our second appointment, and yes I know, I haven't been able to buy
makeup yet. I'll have to wait another week. The places that take cards
are really far, so another pday. And I got this sick scarf from the
death closet! (No one died) When sisters get sent to Sardegna, or go home, they
leave a lot of stuff behind so then we score.

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  1. Fun to read of you Italian exsperiences! Sounds like things are going well and you're enjoying youself! And what a positive attitude! <3