Monday, December 7, 2015

Transfer Three!

Whoa! Transfer three starts this week because they cut this transfer
short so people wouldn't be moving around for Christmas. I'm staying
in Ragusa, and Sorella Battezzato is headed to the island of Sardegna!
My new companion will be Sorella Roberts and I'm really excited to
meet her, because she sounds awesome. She's finished with college, and
loves traveling and yoga, and things, and I hear she's been to India!
Idk why I love India, because I've obviously never been, but if she is
someone who can respect my dream of going there, I know this is going
to be the start of a great companionship. I'll meet her on Thursday
after dropping Sorella Battezzato off at the airport so she can head
up to Rome and then Sardegna.
This week was a lot of goodbyes because Sorella Battezzato knew she
wasn't going to stay another transfer. I can't think far enough back
of what happened this week. A lot of awesome stuff happens each day
but by Monday I can't remember all of it. Miracles, a couple new
investigators, some really cool people we've been teaching for a while
now which I would write a novel about but I don't want to share too
much information about their personal life. I don't know! It was a
good week. There are two couples that come together to English course
that started coming last week, and they're really adorable. They ask
us a lot of weird questions, but they want to come to church now, so
that's cool. So, I don't know if anyone else was aware of this but
there's an Italian documentary called "the Mormons" and it's literally
about the Amish, hahaha. There's a lot of confusion about who we are
out here because the church is so small. Another fun culture fact, but
before I get to that, I had my first dream in Italian this week!
Yayyyyy. In my dream I was talking to my companion in English, and I
asked her who Padre Pio was and then there
was this little boy sitting next to me who started talking about him
for a while, anyways. Fun culture fact is that you can find a picture
or statue of Padre Pio in every home and in every shop down here. His
picture is in our elevator, and his face is more common than the sign
of the cross!

Speaking of the cross, a common question we get is, why isn't there a
cross on your church? Well, yes, Christ died for us, but He lives! I
know He lives! He is the literal son of God, and because of the
perfect life he chose to live, doing the will of the Father, although
he was capable of doing otherwise. HE BROKE THE BANDS OF DEATH. Both
spiritual and physical. He gives us hope in this life and in the life
to come.
Every morning we have one hour to read scriptures and any other
materials before we start the day. I seriously love and cherish that
hour. The more I study the life of Christ, the more I read the Book of
Mormon, it all comes together and it all makes sense, it's just very
very clear. I know everyone has heard it before "Jesus Christ is our
Savior", in every language, everyone knows it. But it doesn't mean
anything until you really study it out and find out for yourself. It's
like E=mc2, I've known that since I was like 5! Every kid knows it and
they just kind of spit it out to sound smart, because it sounds cool
or something. But I honestly didn't know what that meant until college
when my physical science teacher broke it down and we studied each
part of the equation. It's really genius! I know what they mean about
that Einstein guy now. But it works the same way for "Jesus
Christ=Savior and Redeemer of the World". I invite you all to try to
figure out what that means. And if you think you already know, study
it again! That's how we retain knowledge of things. You can study, you
can pray, and you can receive a confirmation in your mind and in your

'Tis the season :)

Sorella Holiday
Yesterday we did a mostra in Ibla

We had help with our mostra :)

Did I ever mention how I'm a giant on this island? Haha

 Since Sorella Battezzato is going to Sardegna we took a lot of goodbye pictures with different families.

Kinder eggs are these candy eggs they sell all year long. They are chocolate with a toy inside.
 Sorella Battezzato has a picture of the first time she had kinder eggs with her trainer and so we took the same picture to create a tradition. Also we bought matching companion sweaters last pday. I look totally crazy, haha :)

 These are some members that live in Comiso. They're too cool for school but they grace us with their presence. Their daughter is planning to serve a mission too! :) 

 So cool!

 Nudolini! This picture is really irrelevant but I was excited about my Italian-Asian noodles!

 This is another sweet family in our ward! They're really cool and make really good food. I'm literally Yao Ming, haha :)

 One of our amazing investigators, my goodness, this woman is going to be speaking in general conference one day.

There are just certain staples of life here in Ragusa and this sweet woman is one of them. She's just loud and bold and she LOVES Sorella Battezzato because she's also Catanese.

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