Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Parrot

Yes. We ate parrot for thanksgiving. Hahaha, no I'm just kidding. This
past week was really good, we didn't really celebrate Thanksgiving,
because they don't really do that here since it's not America, haha.
So much happens everyday it's hard to decide how to condense it all! I
did scream in someone's home this week, I didn't really imagine that
ever happening, but here is what happened. So we were at this woman's
house on Thursday, and she has a daughter who is about 10 or 12 years
old. The mom went to go get us some water, and so we were just sitting
at the table waiting, and then this little girl is like want to see
something? And we're like okay, why not. And she pulls this shoe box
out from under the table, and is like "there's a parrot inside". I'm
just thinking "what?" and Sorella Battezzato was like "is it alive?"
Haha and the girl was like yea, and she opens the shoe box and grabs
this HUGE PIGEON. I covered my mouth so fast to contain the scream but
I couldn't help it! So I was just laughing nervous for a while until
she finally put it back in the box. Hahaha, she reassured us that she
fed it. Turns out she caught it at the park that morning, so it hasn't
been there for too long. I don't know why I can't have a normal fear
like spiders or something, but yes it's birds. When the husband came
home he was going on about how he's not interested  and doesn't
believe in anything. I wish I could have focused more aside from the
part he was going in and out of Siciliano, but like THERE WAS A PIGEON
You know sometimes there are things that are right in front of us, and
we get too caught up in the moment to take the time to find out what's
really going on.
We've met so many people on the street that we talk to and are like,
"yea I already have a Book of Mormon" and then we ask them if they've
read it and they're like "" Having a Book of Mormon in
your house is crazier than having a pigeon hiding in a shoe box in
your house! You've got to check out what's written in that book, or
else you'll just never know.

This morning I was reading in Matthew in the New Testament. In chapter
10 Christ calls the apostles and gives them the priesthood and
prepares them for missionary work. I like how you learn in the bible
that the people Christ called to be apostles, were just normal people.
They had jobs and normal lives, but they were willing to follow the
Savior so they were called to do the work. There's a quote by Nelson
Mandela, and he says that he is a saint, if a saint is a sinner who
keeps on trying. "Sinner" holds such a negative connotation, but like,
we're all one! The important part is that you're trying and still
striving for something better. We've got to stop judging others
because we don't know their potential, and maybe they don't know their
potential, but their Father in Heaven does. We've also got to stop
judging ourselves and thinking that there is no way for us to become
better or find peace for our souls through the Savior, because His
grace is sufficient for everyone. I love this work and all the people
we meet out here, everyone is so unique and different. I know that
God, Heavenly Father knows and loves me, and that He loves each and
everyone of His children too. Understanding this makes every other
part of the gospel make so much more sense!

Sorella Holiday a.k.a Sorella Vacanze
 Thanksgiving-No one celebrates this holiday here so we had pranzo at church

 The Anziani thought they bought a baby turkey.....haha, it was definitely a chicken. Either way it tasted really good. We were impressed. Sorella Battezzato and I just bought bread and dessert because we didn't really plan to celebrate. It was just a fun impromptu thing.

We ran into the Anziani Thanksgiving morning.

 Look what exists! You know I bought that in a heartbeat. That's what thanksgiving is all about. :)

Fountain in Siracusa

Siracusa pday

 OKAY. This little man is amazing and made us the most delicious sandwiches ever. The quality of the food in Sicily just doesn't compare and it's really inexpensive. They had pistachio cheese and the best ricotta you'll ever eat. It was actually just the best sandwich ever. He loved us because well, we're cute Americans that can understand Italian. It was like Pranzo and a show, this is also from last pday.

 Siracusa is very pretty.

 Getting home. I just took a random picture at the train station because sometimes you need to do that.

We were doing finding one evening. It gets dark really early and Ragusa is full of alleys like this. Somebody actually answered their door and wanted to know more from one of these alleys so it is now a special picture for me.
Random picture :)

Edge of Ragusa. It was really rainy this week.

It was Sorella Battezzatos one year mark so we went to get pizza. Two women from our English course and the girl in our ward who is about to serve a mission came. We prayed and had a spiritual thought and I love how normal it was to just bust out a Book of Mormon in the middle of a restaurant.

We found our apartment has a space heater so we don't need to freeze anymore. It feels like a fire and is really getting us into the Christmas spirit.

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