Monday, February 15, 2016

Ciao tutti!

Wow I've never been so tired
This email will be pretty short because for pday today we went bowling
and taught American football to Italians so we've been all over the

I can't really remember all that happened this week, but I know coming
home every night I have never been so tired in my life!
It's really fun living with four sisters
Palermo food is really good
We get free food from the bakery we live next to because they love us
I can't really think of what to say so my companion is giving me ideas....
Okay! So this week I made one of my goals to start working on opening
my mouth more and talking to more people. So we were on the bus coming
home (so many good stories start this way) and we were sitting across
from this man, and usually if it's just an older man by himself I
justify it in my mind that I don't have to talk to him but I can leave
him for the Anziani, BUT I remembered my goal so I just opened my
mouth and the first thing that came out was, "where are you from?".
Apparently that was the perfect question and it started this
conversation about the island he was from and it turns out he noticed
our name tags and was curious about some of our beliefs, and
afterwards he was like wow you guys are so sincere it was so great
talking to you I really hope I run into you again (said that twice).
We left him with a card because he doesn't live on Palermo
so we wouldn't see him anyways. Sweet! So then before we got off I
invited these ragazzi probably dating to English course and they gave
me the Italian equivalent of flipping someone off. So like ya know,
you've got to open your mouth anyways because in the end you don't
know what you're going to get. They could be really nice or kind of
not but it never hurts to try!

Heart attacking our english branch <3

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