Monday, April 25, 2016


 I'm so sorry but this is going to be another short email.
Okay, HIGHLIGHTS of the WEEK :
1. Definitely yesterday after relief society when the bishop came in
and laid down the hammer. It was awesome! I wish I could have recorded
it and that it could have been put into the ensign. Anyways, a little
background of the bishop here, he's a two time mission president and
was the temple president of Switzerland temple, he's speaks pretty
good English. And we missionaries love him because whenever he chooses
to say a phrase in English it's like the most powerful phrase like,
"she will be baptized" or something like that. Okay but yesterday he
came into relief society and also priesthood and just brought down the
hammer about how people need to stop worrying about others and worry
about themselves more. Like church isn't about you going and judging
others, it's about you doing your own part to help build the kingdom
of God. He was like just make sure you've got you're own brick down
before you start worrying about the others, and there is no one you
can blame about your lack of spiritual progress other than yourself.
We are all our own agents, and yeeeep

2. Our new investigator from Romania. She just lost her job, she's
been a nurse in Italy for 10 years, and got a job offer in England but
has to work on her English, so she saw an add for our free course and
came, and met vescovo at the door and is now taking the lessons

3. Woman on the bus, says hi, asks us who we are, and then is like
"I've been searching for something more in my life, and I think that
God has sent you to me.

4. And oh yea! Transfer calls and I'm TRAINING this transfer! I'm
going to be a mission mom, hahaha. I'm super stoked and super scared.

Okay well that's about it, for sure for sure, I'll have more time to
write next week!

 District Pescara

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