Monday, May 2, 2016

Last week was crazy long and fun!

So last week was crazy and long and fun. The first half of the week,
Sorella Anderson did all of her goodbyes, and then we went to Rome
Wednesday night because she had to catch a plane early morning to
Sardegna and I had to be at the station at 6:30 a.m. to get my
greenie. Which means waking up at 4:30 and leaving the sisters
apartment at 5, blaahhh. On the mission you are to bed at 10:30 and up
at 6:30 everyday, and like any change of that schedule is killer, let
me tell ya. Anyways then we got to the station, waited a little bit,
and then finally they arrived yay! My little new ball of sunshine is
name Sorella Jarnagin, she is from Utah, and she likes so sing.
It's really weird having a companion so fresh on the field, because
I've kind of forgotten what it was like at first adjusting to a new
country and not understanding people at first. I remember getting
headache after my first few Sunday's of church because it was so hard
to understand everything, 3 straight hours of Italian was a mental
work out for sure. Crazy how I can kind of understand people now!
Haha, but now I've got to work hard on really perfecting the language,
so I at least look like I know what I'm doing with my new companion.

Saturday night the primary did the CUTEST activity I have ever seen in
my entire life! They all dressed up as princesses and princes and then
they had chairs for the parents, and crowns because they were the
kings and queens. And then they had rows of chairs for the rest of the
ward to watch, we invited some investigators and it was just awesome.
They talked about eternal families and how grateful for they are for
families, and being children of God, and Gods plan. It was the cutest
thing ever. And then they tied it in with some Disney stories. One in
particular, they talked about the part of The Lion King when Simba is
out doing his own thing and then he's visited by the monkey Rafiki and
he kind of reminds him of who he is and then Simba has a vision of his
father and his father is like "ricordati! ricordati chi sei!" And like
Simba every now and then we all need to be reminded of who we are.
We're children of a King! Everyone has so much potential and so much
greatness to achieve.
Sorella Jarnagin and Sorella Holiday

 Our first gelato together

 Comp item-shades

 Last pday in Rome

 Last pday with Sorella Anderson

 Selfie :)

 From our hike a few weeks ago

 My greenies first time doing porta e porta

This house is so sick!

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  1. we were so excited to see this post! My name is Adam Jarnagin, and am Sorella Jarnagin's Uncle... small world though... we are good friends with Sorella Battezzatto and her family-were in the same Ward, and are in the same stake here in Nashua, New Hampshire. Such a small world, and grateful for your great work and taking care of our niece as she "greeni-fies" your area. She's an awesome gal, and you two will do miracles together. Thanks for your diligence and example in sharing the light of the Gospel! Bro. Adam Jarnagin