Monday, July 11, 2016


It's pday and it's my birthday! #blessed
I'm not going to write a long email today because I'm 20. I've been
told that your twenties are supposed to be your selfish years of life
or something like that, hahaha. Just kidding but really mom, there's
not a whole ton to say!
So the biggest news, is that this week there were transfers. My next
area will be Rome 3. It is famous for being the ghettos of Rome. We
meet for church in a former prison, haha. I'm super pumped to have the
chance to finally serve in the city of Rome! I don't know who my new
companion will be because I will be training again! That poor greenie
getting off the plane tomorrow has no idea what she's getting herself
in for! Because I definitely have no idea where anything is in our
area, or how to get around, or anything but hey! Learning experiences,
growing experiences, it's all good in the hood. I'll also be an STL
(sister training leader). Haha yea, I just about threw up when we got
our transfer calls. But I know it will be really good, I'm really
excited for the new adventure.

Saturday was a very special day (I won't be able to send pictures for
it until next week). We had the groundbreaking for the new chapel in
Pescara. The leaders from Rome came down, the choir sang, the bishop
spoke, and also one of the sisters who has been a member almost since
the very beginning of when Pescara was first opened to missionary
work, she spoke and shared the history of the ward.

So Pescara, has been open to missionaries for about 40 years, as with
most of Italy. The first baptized member was Fratello Di Iulio. He is
an amazing amazing human being. He has children who have all served
missions, strong members in the church, sealed families. But rewinding
to 40 years ago, he meet the missionaries, was baptized and for the
first year, he was the only member. Every Sunday he just met with the
Elders in their apartment and that's where they had church. Then a
year later, another family was baptized, a mom and her son and
daughter. (The daughter is now the bishop's wife of our ward). They
then became a meeting group. Over the next few years more people in
Pescara came to know the message of the restored gospel, received
personal testimonies, and were baptized. Pescara eventually became a
branch, and now it is a ward! The building they are building is going
to be pretty big, and it is in preparation of Pescara becoming a stake

They brought the same shovels they used for the groundbreaking of the
Rome Italy temple. It was so awesome to see these wonderful people who
have been waiting forty years for this day, finally get to see it come
to life. There wasn't a dry eye once Sorella Bosco, the mother of the
family that was baptized forty years ago, old and frail as she is,
went up there with tears in her eyes to be one of the first to shovel
some of the dirt.

Question Portion:

1) Are there any birthday traditions unique to the area where you are
currently serving? If so, what are they and how (or when) did they
No, not that I know of. But I'll figure out tonight! Also if you
wanted to know what I did for my birthday I bought a new shirt and we
had TACOS and cheesecake for lunch. (Yea, I seriously had tacos.
Haven't seen those in about a year)
2) Does the older generation talk about a decline in religious involvement?
Uhm, yea. Mostly nuns. Also, a lot of people think we're like in a
preparatory phase for becoming nuns. Uhm no. They are sweet women, but
I do not desire that for myself.
3) Have you personally encountered any young people who do not know
who Jesus Christ is?
No, but we met this woman from China who doesn't know.
4) What appears to be the biggest obstacle to getting people
interested in learning more about the restored Gospel?
Maybe because people think we're nuns, but I don't know. A lot of
people are afraid of talking about religion or because of really bad
former experiences, or they are just content with where they're at and
so they just shut you off right away.

I'm just so excited for this ward! And I'm sad to be leaving it, but
excited for Rome!

Thank you for the birthday wishes :) have a great week!

Sorella Holiday

Birthday selfie and twin shirts

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