Monday, July 25, 2016

"When it rains in Rome, it rains miracles"

Well we finished off our first whole week together as new companions
and in our new area, and it was pretty fantastic!
Each day got a little better, and we were just a little less lost each
day. The last "big city" I served in was Palermo, but nothing compares
to Rome. Even if there are a lot of different ward boundaries in the
city, our area is ginormous, but we are learning the roads and the map
so I feel pretty great and accomplished about that. We got lost a few
times, haha, but they just turned out being good learning experiences.
Tuesday we had Zone Conference, and it was our first one with the new
mission president and his wife, and it was really darn fantastic. I
love the Waddoups so much but I'm also loving the Pickerds a ton. They
are going to help do great things here, and they bring such a
different vibe to the mission I feel like I'm serving a completely
different in a completely different mission!

Last night I was talking to Sorella Clark, and she said something I
liked, "when it rains in Rome, it rains miracles". It is sooooo true.
For one, the rain itself was a miracle. Saturday and Sunday it was
overcast and sprinkled and rained some. It was great because we were
out and about all day and it would have just made it that much harder
if it had to be out in the sun. (It's been really hot. As I'm sure it
has been everywhere right now).
Saturday evening we were on the metro, finding, and then we got off at
one stop and were saving one of the numbers to the phone, and then I,
being my usual air-head self, left the phone somewhere...I'm still not
really sure where I left it. But if you know me, you know I sometimes
just kind of zone out. We didn't realize that the phone was missing
until we got home, and it was 9:30 and we realized we had forgotten to
let the district leader know we were home. Anyways..that was kind of
disappointing, but I had just been studying hope and faith that day
and I knew that it was more important that I chose to keep a positive
attitude. It was REALLY hard, but we stayed positive and kept praying
for it. I prayed that an angel would find it and bring it to our
house, but that didn't happen but it's all good.
The next day, Sunday, we went out to go look for it after church and
after we ate lunch. Then as we were headed towards the metro, we ran
into the Anziani, and they were actually headed towards our house to
give us our phone! Someone had found it and then called around the
different numbers on the phone and then someone else contacted the
Elders and they brought it to us! It was a MIRACLE. How many people
can say they've lost their phone on the metro in Rome and then had it
returned to them??? Not very many people. Talk about prayers answered.
Maybe no angel brought it to our house but there was definitely one
looking after it.

There were just also cool little things throughout the day also. Like
Saturday night we were trying to think of ideas for a ward party and
then we were like, okay, hopefully something comes to us in our dreams
haha. But then the only thing I could remember at all from my dream
the next morning was that I met a woman from Moldova, and I was like,
random? Because I've never met anyone from Moldova. But then Sunday
one of the people I talked to was a woman from Moldova!

Then Sunday night we were all over the place, and then we thought to
stop by this one members house. So we stopped by and she was home
thankfully and she also had a friend with her! It was her best friend
from childhood, and she is moving to Italy and just got there a few
days ago. (They're both from Peru) and it turns out that the best
friend wants to take the missionary discussions and start coming to
church and she was so great! She spoke little Italian and mostly
Spanish, but I was able to understand a good portion of it but her
friend also translated. It was just extra cool because her name is the
same as one of my bestest friends from back home, and I haven't heard
that name in forever! I was so excited.

Good things are to come in Rome 3! I know I said it last week but I'll
say it again because after another pday in Rome, my advice for all
traveling to Italy, the best food is going to be at someone's home or
in the poorer neighborhoods. Tourist food is expensive and not made
with as much love, and don't travel in the summer months it's soooo

Love you all,

Sorella Holiday

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