Monday, November 7, 2016


I don't think I could have ever imagined how much joy Heavenly Father
had in store for me here in Italy.
So, a little recap of the week-
Monday was Halloween and we have an American family in our ward (the
dads in the military) and they don't really speak much Italian but
they lived in South America for a while so the parents speak Spanish,
the husband served a mission in South America and the wife served a
mission in France and so they somehow get by with their Latin language
background, and they planned the most amazing Halloween party ever!
People loved it.

Throughout the rest of the week my companion battled fevers and all
type of illnesses. She was basically dying. But we managed to get some
lessons in, meet some great people and see some miracles nonetheless.

We met with this less-active who loves me deep down but also always
complains that I smile too much. I can't help it, it's just my face.

I was praying Wednesday morning and like I started thinking a lot
about this former investigator from Pescara, and that same day I got
an email from her! She got my email from another member and thanked me
for everything and told me she was getting baptized on Saturday. WHAT.
I could not tell you how much joy filled my heart. This woman had me
waking up at like 5 in the morning worried, and wondering what we
could do more to help her. But June wasn't her time, instead this
Saturday was.

I don't remember!

Okay, basta, like let's get real and get to Saturday because uhm-

NADIA WAS BAPTIZED. Yep. That amazing woman was baptized. She is from
Moldova, and the most humble, faithful human being, and it has been
such a pleasure knowing her and teaching her this beautiful gospel.
She's 30, and married with the cutest little girl ever. Friday night
before her baptism they had us over for dinner.

So, like, I I've said before that I live in the poor part of Rome.
It's really really poor, and mostly foreigners and refugees. One day
we were doing finding in a nicer neighborhood (because our boundaries
stretch out to the colosseum) and we invited this couple to church but
then once we told them the zone our church was in, they were like,
"WHAT? I've lived in Rome my whole life but never been to that zone".
You could say it's kind of a sketch zone, but really I've only met
some of the best people here! I've met people from 58 different
countries all over the world, and they're just good with all very
diverse cultures.

But my point, is that it is extremely humble when a family that has
almost nothing insists on feeding you dinner.

So Saturday two people that I've been blessed to teach were baptized,
and I'm so excited for them. I can't really describe it, but it was
the moment when I was praying Wednesday morning that I realized, when
Nadia is baptized she will qualify to live in the Celestial Kingdom in
the presence of our loving Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ, whom she
loves so much, for eternity. And when that thought came to my head,
lots of joy filled my heart. I don't know why, just this really happy
feeling overcame me.

Yep, well that's about it. Love you!

Nadia's baptism day

 pday pictures

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