Monday, November 14, 2016

Never fail brownies

Well first off, I just want to say that I can introduce myself in
Arabic, and ask people about if they know about the Book of Mormon in
Tagalog. That's really random but I'm pretty excited about that.
Italian, still got to work on that one.

So this week a lot of missionaries are finishing their mission! So
it's been a lot of sad goodbyes for them. Other than that we've been
able to see a lot of people that we haven't been able to see recently
this week, so that was a miracle.

We met with this one less-active family and we shared a message on
joy. We asked the mother for the moments she has felt the most joy in
her life. She talked about her baptism, and how she felt when she
reads the Book of Mormon. But still she doesn't want to come to church
because she is offended from something someone said. It's so sad! Why
do we let ourselves get so offended? I was talking about this with
another missionary once and it's interesting because in Italian there
are verbs that are reflexive. These verbs are structured so that the
meaning of them is that you are doing it unto yourself. The verb "to
offend" is one of those. So really, we just offend ourselves, and let
ourselves get offended. Italian is definitely the language they speak
in heaven.

So other than that we did a scambio last week, it was great! Usually
it's us who stop people but this past week we had a lot of the
opposite happen due to the past U.S. election. We met this couple, the
husband was Italian and the wife American (this has nothing to do with
the previous sentence I'm just scatterbrained) and they are both opera
singers! They were soooo cool, and the wife actually knew about the
church because she had a lot of LDS friends growing up. Then we had
this guy who stopped us and asked us about the election, he started
talking to us in English, but then we were like don't worry man, we
speak Italian. So we just ignored his question and asked him how he
knew Mormons. Then we got talking for like ever! He told us the
religion he was practicing with right now was founded by a Korean, he
was raised Catholic, but said he likes the focus on the family in his
new religion. He said he's a seeker of truth, and he started his
search 25 years ago. He was so cool, I look forward to seeing him

And yep so it's transfers tonight so you'll find out next week if
there are changes!

 A chill countryside pday

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