Monday, January 2, 2017


Ciao! Okay. I don't know what to tell you, like I always say, there's
so much to say! And so little time.

Everyyyyone was sick this week! Members investigators and missionaries.

Thursday I tried basketball contacting for the first time. People were
definitely way more interested in hearing what we had to say! They
were like, who is this young nun who knows about the NBA and how to
shoot a basketball? Haha. Also, like one of the talents that I've
gotten on the mission like singing which I totally didn't do 18 months
ago, I was hittin those corner shots . Swish.

Other highlights of the week we had FOUR meal appointments! We just
balled out of control in every sense this week. Like we may not have
had hot water this morning, but that's fine because we were getting
showered in LoVe all week.
Also, so I have talked about my cannoleria, I'm sure. The guys that
work there are like our Italian uncles, they love us. They gave us
free cannoli this week because they missed us.

Aside from food, we saw some great miracles this week. I've realized
more how if we're doing what we need to be doing, Heavenly Father will
guide us to right where we need to be. Tuesday morning was pretty
rough, and I was pretty tired. Sometimes, you just get tired and you
don't feel like talking to anyone. But as we came into the park, I
said to myself, "okay, no, have faith" and one of the first people I
stopped was this woman with her children. I had no idea what I was
going to say but I just went for it. I went for he good old, survey
approach. Don't know why. And then somewhere in the conversation
something spilled out of my mouth about the plan of salvation, and
this woman just started bawling. She said 4 times in the meeting that
day that God  had sent us to her.
We actually had a lot of cool experiences like that this week. People
calling us Angels, like, it's pretty cool.

Yesterday I translated in sacrament meeting. Also, transfers happened
last week! Everyone keeps rubbing it in my face that it's my last

C'รจ ancora tanto da fa'

❤️sorella holiday

Pday photos. We made our own Magnum bars ๐Ÿ˜Š!

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