Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bats in the hall

I can't believe how close we are getting now to finally getting to Italy!

It was a pretty typical week; devotionals, lessons, teaching lesson. One thing I've been learning a lot about is faith. One of our teachers was telling us about how a lot of missionaries in Italy have given up because there isn't anyone who wants to listen to them. As missionaries, we have to have faith in the mission. Even if the work gets slow, we can't give up. If we've lost faith in the mission, we've lost faith in God, because this isn't our work, this is HIS work. All we can do is work our hardest, and the Lord will make things happen in His way.

In other news, I'm not a big fan of birds or flying things in general, but BATS? Come oooon! Yea, there were bats flying around in our residence hall last night, but the nice security people came in and took them out of the building. My companion came in our room almost crying, and then I freaked out, and then we hid in the bathroom, and you could hear a bunch of sisters screaming in their rooms, hahaha. Some sisters were like, "They're cute!" and they were taking pictures. Sorry if you're into that stuff, but no pictures of bats from Sister Holiday.

Last night's devotional was by Sister Wixom. She is like the Primary President over all the primaries in the church. (Primary is basically the Sunday school class for all children from 4-11). She had a lot to share with us, and it was sweet how excited she was to be speaking at the MTC. Last night for our devotional choir had 1,003 missionaries in it. I can confidently say I have never sang in a choir that big before. We sang a song that is called, "Hurrah for Israel". It was written by a group of cellmates at a prison who had all seen the movie, "The Other Side of Heaven". And they sang it for Elder Groberg (the person that movie is based on) when he came and visited them in prison once. I can't imagine how powerful it was to hear that. These men felt they had found freedom through the gospel of Jesus Christ even though they were still physically in prison. The Other Side of Heaven is a great movie by the way, highly recommend. It has Anne Hathaway and Disney produced it, and it's about LDS missionaries, so it's pretty awesome.
 Singing that song last night with over a thousand other missionaries, was a really special experience, and the spirit was so strong in that building.

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Holiday

Sister Holiday and Sister Taylor

Sister Taylor and Sister Holiday 9/16/2015

il nostro insegnanti
I don't know why we took a picture of our teacher in his ROTC uniform

How Elder Castronovo stays sane
his handpuppet Benny
 More Benny
 Spider Benny
Last p-day

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