Wednesday, September 2, 2015

'twas the night before p-day

Week two, wow!

It was another good week, with a lot of good experiences. My district is beginning to feel even more like a family, it's like I have 6 new little brothers. One Elder was really excited about today being p-day today, and described yesterday as p-day eve, hence the subject. Yesterday was a particularly special day.

First off, Kyle Collinsworth was in the MTC having dinner for his wife, random, right? But one of the Elders in my district is a BIG fan and you should have seen his joy as he ran out of the cafeteria to get his camera, and his poor companion chasing after him, haha.

More exciting than Kyle Collinsworth, ELDER DALLIN H OAKS. Ohh yeaaa, we had an apostle for our devotional last night.
I was really glad I sang in the choir last night. His devotional was really good, and really powerful. You can't deny that he is an apostle of Jesus Christ when he enters a room and when you hear him speak. It's just really special.

We have two new people we are teaching. We have had two lessons with one of them, and we meet the other one tonight! If you have the chance, you should take lessons from the missionaries, you will make some 18 or 19 yr old's day, and maybe learn something really cool!
Sunday nights, we also have devotionals, and then we watch a film, which is your choice. It is sometimes a movie like film, but mostly recorded talks. My companion and I went to the recording of a talk by Elder Holland. He shared one poem that I really liked, it went like this, but I can't remember it word for word.

"Go to the edge"
"No, I will fall"
Go to the edge"
"But I will fall"
"Go to the edge"
"but I will fall!"
"Go to the edge!"
So I went to the edge, and I flew.

Sometimes, we are asked to do things that we feel are out of our capabilities. We feel inadequate, or we don't trust what the consequences will be. But if we follow God's advice, have faith in Him, He will help us do amazing things, He will bring about miracles. I know these things are true. Sometimes things are asked of us, that lead us to rely more on God's strength. But I've been learning at the MTC, if you're too comfortable, you're probably not growing. Just like in any sport, or class, or learning an instrument. You only become a better athlete if you have those days where you just gave your all, you're muscles are burning and you feel really weak. That's when you become stronger. So sometimes we are in uncomfortable situations, but if we keep working hard, that's when we will become better people.

Thank you for everyone who wrote me! Sorry I wasn't able to respond to each person, but your love and support means a lot to me. Ciao!

Love Sister Holiday
Provo, Utah Temple

Sister Taylor and Sister Holiday

Sister Holiday and Sister Taylor's name tags in front of picture of Rome, Italy Temple

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