Wednesday, September 9, 2015

MTC Hump Day

I'm half-way done with the MTC - wooooo!
I received a letter from my mom this week complaining about the lack of pictures, and apparently too short of an email, haha. Sorry, it's busy work!
Last night we had a really great devotional from Gerald Causse and his wife. They are from France, and you've probably heard him speak in General Conference before if you've ever seen it. (General Conference is this big church meeting we have twice a year in fall and spring where a lot of the church leaders give talks, and its broadcast so the whole world can watch. the next one is this October!)
I loved Bishop Causse and his wife, they were so sweet and humble, and they seemed just like real people. Sister Causse, had on a nice blouse, but no suit jacket, she still had her sunglasses on her head, and she even shared how nervous she was to be speaking. I liked it, you don't hear that too often. She shared how her family came to find the church in France, and pretty much how life is hard, but she knows she is never forgotten by her Father in Heaven and she can turn to him anytime in prayer. Bishop Causse talked a lot about weaknesses. It's okay not to be perfect! But be humble, and be bold. The atonement of Jesus Christ, (atonement-His suffering in Gethsemane and on the cross) covers more than just our sins, but everything that makes us imperfect. Life is hard, but it's hard so that we will turn to our Savior in times of need. We're making it harder than it needs to be if we are trying to do it all on our own.
Another highlight of last night was in choir, my companion and I sat next to two sisters going to France for their mission. One is from Scotland and the other is from ITALY! :D I was sooo pumped. She is from Calabria, which is one of the cities I might be in once my mtc time is over. I don't remember what her last name is, but she told me I had a good Italian accent, and honestly nothing could have made me happier. :)
My companion and I had a very productive week. We're learning a lot. The language is still review as far as grammar, but I'm learning some new phrases along the way. 
We started doing TRC last week. I honestly don't know what the acronym stands for, but what we do is practicing teaching lessons with people that are members of the church, but are fluent in the language. It's good practice, and actually a lot of fun. 
Elder Freidman got a TON of packages this past week, so we've had krispy kremes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and candy for daaayyyys from Elder Pyper's family. I've accepted that I am going to put on some pounds at the MTC, but it's not from the cafeteria food.
I did however, give up chocolate chip cookies for a week. It made me feel for people who give up smoking or drinking so they can be baptized. Giving that up for the rest of your life! That's a big commitment, and how awkward when you go to parties, and someone offers you something, and you're like, "no, sorry, I gave up chocolate chip cookies for the rest of my life". Definitely gave me some perspective. But, what your blessings are for giving it up, definitely worth it.
I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful week :)
-Sister Holiday

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