Monday, November 2, 2015


This week was so crazy! It was really weird, because there was a lot
that happened that made the schedule just feel off, but it was really
Last Tuesday we had district meeting, and we went to lunch at the
sandwich place we all love so dearly, and while we were sitting down,
Sorella Battezzato was like, "Sorella, I'm freaking out, that girl
over there is Vale!" We had tried to meet with her the previous week,
but no response. She had been baptized recently and then just dropped
off the face of the earth, so neither of us had spoken to her face to
face, just heard about her and seen pictures. We didn't want to be
weird stalkers and just start interrupting her date that she was one,
but luckily! Our district was all there, and Anziano Bellows was the
last companion of the Elder who baptized her! So we had our in, and it
was awesome and hopefully we will see her next week. Then my companion
and I got up to pay, and there was another couple who asked if they
could have our seats so we were like, of course, and then the lady
started staring at my nametag really hard, so I asked her if she had
ever heard of our church. Turns out, she had been to Salt Lake City
ELEVEN YEARS AGO. She had checked out temple square and everything.
Sorella Battezzato and I whipped out our Salt Lake Temple pass a long
cards in unison, haha, it was awesome. She's still not interested now,
but she at least she has our number.

Wednesday we helped someone move. It was fun, but really weird not
wearing skirts. I was telling my companion about how the skirts make
us Superman and pants make us Clark Kent. Somehow we're completely
invisible walking down the street in pants. The nametag is still
there! But no one notices us. We helped move the boxes from the
garage, up a little hill, and then passed them off to the Anziani, who
carried them up the stairs of the house to the attic. When we came
around the corner once, a couple who was proselyting from another
church stopped them at the door to talk to them. They just looked like
a couple of Ragazzi with jeans on, so of course they stopped them.
They told them they were missionaries and pointed to their name tags.
Then they asked us a lot of questions about our church, haha. It was
kind of cool, because it hit me then, the church sends out KIDS to do
this work. God trusts us little 19 year olds to do this. But we have
all the tools we need. This couple was expecting Clark Kent, and had
no idea they just ran into the Justice League, hahaha.

Thursday was the Halloween party and it was AMAZING. It put every
Halloween party I've had at church to shame. I didn't take enough
pictures but my companion did so you should check out her blog haha.
The detail and everything, just wow. A TON of people showed up, and
people brought friends, and people from English course came and it was
just really awesome.

Fast forward to Saturday, and the miracles of miracles happened! We
had a lesson planned for 11 at the church, with an old contact that
Sorella Battezzato met before I got here. He gave us a bidone. Bidone
means garbage can in Italian, and missionaries use it to say they got
stood up for an appointment or if someone cancels last second. It
happens a whole heck of a lot here. So the we headed off to do ricerca
(contacting people on the street) until pranzo. We met a lot of nice
people, some people really interested in English course, and then
headed back, we both had the feeling that we should go the long way.
And then we saw him! Not the guy that gave us a bidone, but this other
kid, I'll call him Fabio. We saw Fabio like my second week in Ragusa,
and with his friend. They actually walked up to us to ask us about
English course. Then a few nights later I had a dream, and all the
missionaries in Ragusa were driving somewhere, and I was getting
really mad at the Anziani because they didn't know how to drive or
something, and Fabio was in the dream and trying to ask us something
but I don't remember what it was. I told my companion about the dream
that morning, and then later on that day we saw Fabio! He told us that
he actually helped build the church building we go to, and he wanted
to come to church one Sunday, but doesn't wear ties because his
brother hanged himself. Then we saw him AGAIN, that night with his
friend, and his friend shared his questions about this life that he
doesn't feel like his church answers. We were like sick, two new
investigators. BUT WE DIDNT GET THEIR NUMBER. We felt so bad. So in
like every prayer we had for the past two weeks, we've been praying we
would run into the, again so we would have a way of contacting them.
We were going to even fast this weekend for it. So when we saw him we
both freaked out very subtly. He was on a walk with his aunt, we got
his number. We saw him two more times throughout the day. God hears
prayers, and we have to be patient for His timing.
Bonus, the guy who gave us a bidone Saturday morning, walked into
church on Sunday and came to Sacrament meeting....??? We didn't even
invite him! Hahaha. Anyways. Ragusa is about to blow up so thank you
for prayers, love y'all

Sorella Holiday

 It was dark, rainy, and a festa, (the date should say November 1 idk
why it's wrong) and so there wasn't very many people outside, but it
gave us a picture opportunity. This is one of the older parts of the

 There's a panificio on like every corner in Ragusa. This little thing
is stuffed with ricotta and sausage and like a noodle type of focaccia
and the shell is a pastry shell.

 This thing is SO good. It's called Scaccia, and it tastes like quiche.

 Setting up for the Halloween party. I have no idea why, but our Mission President gave us permission to dress up. I really did not want to dress up and got away with not (I'm a missionary!) but they had Anziano Martin be Dracula

Idk why it says this is from Tuesday, the dates are a little off on my camera. But on Wednesday we helped someone move and they live at a cool part of Ragusa so I took a picture. This is my city!

*Note from Taylor's mom: Here is a link to Sis. Battezzato's blog. Her blog is usually updated a few days after Taylor's, to see more pictures from their Halloween party check it out on Nov.4th or 5th 

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