Monday, January 18, 2016

It snowed!

 Hi Family! It was a good week, ya know the usual. A lot of good
things, a lot of sad things too, everyone starts passing away after
the holidays. I can't think of really anything in particular to
recount, but my companion and I went down to Ibla today so I would
have pictures to send home, so hopefully the pictures make up for the
short email. Speaking of Ibla! We have a member that lives there who
stopped coming to church like 30 years ago. We met her the first time
a couple weeks ago, and she told us about this service organization
she works for so we started going to that once a week and doing
service with her. The first time she met us she was like, listen every
now and then a new set of missionaries come around but I tell them the
same thing. Then she told us how she has a testimony that Joseph Smith
was a prophet and that Christ restored His church again to the earth,
but how there are just some things she can't get behind so she stopped
coming and told us we should probably tell our mission president to
stop sending missionaries to her. We were just like okay, well we're
just going to come back anyways because we're not here to get you back
to church. Haha, it's not like we get a prize for having more people
in church. Dude, we're here because God loves you! We want
"to mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in
need of comfort", we're here to help you understand your relationship
to Jesus Christ! Anyways Saturday's lesson with her was AWESOME, and
she gave us free paintings afterwards, haha. There were a lot of good
lessons this week, it was really just a great week!

Oh yea, and it snowed yesterday! Just a little. It was mostly sunny
with a crazy wind storm, and the humidity makes it really painful, but
it was still cool to see it!

 Ibla Park

 I'm a fan of tunnels

 Ibla garden

 Tiny Church

 Big church

 Giant church


another gift

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