Monday, January 11, 2016

The Befana

So two sister missionaries, a nun, and an old Siciliano man meet at a
street market one day...
Haha some days are just really weird. We somehow came out of that
conversation with free plates, used postcards, and a blessing. The old
man says he wants to come to our church, but he didn't come yesterday,
maybe next week!
This week the holidays finally officially ended! The 6th was the day
of the befana, and the befana is like a fairy witch who brings
stockings full of either coal or goodies for kids. Basically the
commercialism of American Christmas but celebrated a different day.
This week we also had a scambio which is always fun to learn more from
another Sorella.
This week I learned a lot about how Heavenly Father, really does know
each of us personally, and He is always mindful of us. One night, I
think it was last Tuesday, we were out and having no luck. We got one
bidone, then we tried searching for some other people whose addresses
we had, and no one was home, and then it was dark, and then when it's
dark were not allowed to do street contacting or door to door, which
are really last resort, so we had ran out of options. You would think
not, but it is REALLY stressful as a missionary when you don't have
something to do. It is the most anxious feeling, and you don't know
how to fix it! We sat down for a minute, and tried to think up some
options. And I kind of thought for a second, "maybe, at this precise
moment, in this precise time, there's not actually anything that
Heavenly Father has planned for us to do. Maybe right now it's just
kind of a test to see what we will do? Maybe tonight in my life, just
wasn't planned out before. Maybe He just kind of forgot about these
two little sister missionaries this day in this random hill top city."
Looking through our list we found one more woman who lived kind of
close by, so we went and tried her house, turns out she moved. And
then the same woman(a different lady) came to both of our minds, and
we thought, yea lets go check her house out. I was like, "yea! This is
it! This is one! This is where we're were supposed to be tonight,
that's why we had to take that final detour to that ladies house who
moved, because she wasn't home before, and now she's home, and we need
to be there now!" (Saying it out loud but kind of doubting it in my
head). So we get to her house ring the intercom, she answers, we say
who we are, and the intercom is still on but she had walked away. Kind
of worried and discouraged, we looked at each other, and then we heard
her say something from the intercom. She was like, "you have to push
the door" and Sorella Roberts was like,  "what?" And she was like,
"it's open, you have to push the door to get in". YAYYYYY. My heart
was literally on fire. This woman was amazing, and sad, but really
sweet, and she said we could come back! I felt so humbled, and I don't
know why I ever, even for a second, doubted. Heavenly Father is always
aware of us. I know that night, that was the woman we needed to see.
If we had made it into any other house, we wouldn't have made it to
her. Sometimes, when things are hard, maybe it is hard for us to see
the hand of God in our lives, but it is always there. He is always
waiting to reach out.

This morning my companion and I went on a hike and we happened across
a cemetery! Italian cemeteries are really cool and look like little

This is pretty much how the weather was all week except for yesterday and today. Lots of fog and rain!

We got SOAKED on Wednesday. Splashed by a lot of cars. Half of my body was just completely drenched, the side facing the street.

 Sorella Roberts made us a yummy soup :)

 Weekly planning

 These sheep made me so happy. They are so cute!

We went on a hike today and I took a lot of pictures

 Heading down the mountain

 We found a cemetery!

 Most people are buried above ground and the whole family goes into one of these

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