Monday, January 25, 2016


So, things that happened this week...
- Questura....oh the questura! Immigration is so fantastic. Like
seriously the people who work there were great, but the hours of
waiting and everything else is not, haha. Every time they opened the
gate, it was chaos and people running trying to get in. Literally,
women screaming, babies crying, old men getting trampled. My companion
almost cried. We just waited patiently  at the back of the crowd. They
let women and children go first, and then it just ended up being me
and my companion with a bunch of middle eastern men. But one of them
yelled out to the front and was like, "hey! Let the girls back here go
to the front". And so the sea of men parted and what could have been
an even longer wait ended up being only four hours. And now I'm
#legal! People can really be so kind and generous.
- World wide mission conference! That was awesome. They broadcasted on
Wednesday and so we had DDM Wednesday afternoon and watched the
conference together afterwards.
- Hearing someone say their first vocal prayer to Heavenly Father, is
one of the sweetest, humbling experiences.
- We got our first referral! Woooo! I'm so excited to meet this
family! Fast and prayer works you guys!
It was a really really fantastic week. Vi porto la mia testimonianza
che Gesù Cristo è veramente il Salvatore del mondo. Egli vive. Grazie
a Lui, ciascuno di noi possiamo trovare la vera pace in questa vita.
Abbiamo più speranza. So con tutto il mio cuore, che ognuno di voi
siete figli di Dio. Avete un Padre Celeste. Vi ha mandato qui sulla
terra di provare la gioia. Potete trovare questa gioia grazie ai
insegnamenti di Gesù Cristo. Non siete mai da soli, perché avete un
affettuoso Padre Celeste che vuole comunicare con voi. Vi lascio
queste cose, nel nome di Gesù Cristo, amen.
 I finally got my permesso this week! #legal. Hours of waiting outside in the cold, babies crying, women screaming, old men getting trampled on, rain, hail and I finally got it!

 This week they broadcasted a conference from Salt Lake for all the missions over the world, so we got to watch that Wednesday evening with our district. It was awsome!

There is this hamburger place next to the church, so after the conference we went there. I'm sorry America, but Italy just did hamburgers better. We ordered the Sicily burger which had siciliano salsiccia, ragusana provola, bacon but not how we make it in America, Italian bread, and a really good tomato sauce.... it was just really good!

 We took it home to eat, because we didn't have time to eat it there and my companion took a picture of me eating. It was so good and so cheap! I love Sicily!

We celebrated Sorella Roberts one year mark this week. I ate donkey salami! I also can't take pictures seriously if I'm about to eat, so my face is kind of weird but the lighting is really angelic. We had walked past this place a lot of times and Sorella Robers wanted to try it. It was really good! I really don't know why all the food here is so good.

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