Monday, May 16, 2016

Faith to move clouds

This week the weather could not make up its mind! We thought it would
be sunny, it would pour. We thought it would be be rainy, and then it
would be super hot. So that was the pattern with the weather this
week, and also with about everything else!
Wednesday we had lined up about the most epic day of my whole mission.
4 lessons with four different investigators, and a Pranzo tacos party.
Then each lesson that day, right before the lesson they called and
cancelled last second. Each one! So that left us with a lot of time to
do some good old finding. While at a park we found this girl, and she
invited us to come back the next day, and then Thursday we saw her,
the lesson went great, she accepted to be baptized and wow. We were so
happy to see a little ray of sunshine in that day. Then yesterday we
got a call from her sister yelling at us because her sister loves
reading the Book of Mormon and how she didn't want us to tear their
family apart because "when you're born a religion that is who you are"
huh, so... Then that night we had an another investigator text us
saying she's doing a 40 day fast from everyone and that she needs to
listen to only Jesus right now, but if I get transferred we can see
her, haha.
But then Thursday also we had a lesson with an investigator we hadn't
seen in a while, and we had just planned a normal "Gospel of Jesus
Christ" lesson and then before we even started she was like, so...what
do I need to do to be baptized? And we were like well! That lesson
didn't go as planned, but it was great.
Then today we were praying really hard for sunny weather so we could
play beach volleyball, and this morning there were super dark gray
clouds, so it didn't look hopeful but we kept praying and by the time
we finished comp study, it was blue skies! So we were like hey!
Mountains I don't know about, but we have faith to move clouds! Then
while we were doing our groceries we got last second ditched on pday
plans from our whole district, but after I got off the phone this lady
in the supermarket came up to me and was like "are you American?"
Because she heard me speaking English, and then she asked us if we
were the ones from the Mormon church, and we were like, yea! And she
took a step back and was like, "no way! I've been looking for you
guys! My friend told me about your church, and said to look for the
boys with the white shirts and ties. And I stopped a couple a while
ago but they were of a different church, not of your church. But I've
been looking for you guys and I thought maybe you didn't go out
walking during the winter, (that's how long she's been waiting) but
now here you are!" She told us about how she's been searching for
more, she's from Brasil but has been in Italy for a while. Asked for
the address of the church and we told her how we also meet with people
to help them learn more about the church. And she was like "here's, my
number like you can come over anytime, but like only if you want"
haha, uhm lady, we would LOVE to!

Taco party

 Moby Dick bench
Almost a miracle bench, but yea at this park there are cute story book
benches :)
 Hipster genealogy finding

One of our investigators lives near here

Friday night pizza and daily planning on our balcony

After one of those last second cancelled appointments
This picture accurately describes this day haha

 Ward party 70's 80's theme

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