Monday, May 23, 2016

Summer's Coming!

Hey fam This week was great and I learned a lot. This week, I realized
in my greenie's footsteps and keep a gratitude journal. Henceforth, I
bought a notebook made of wood and will from here on out keep many
thoughts of gratitude. Church is true, book is blue.

Just kidding. Okay this week was one for the books. Sorella Jarnagin

Yeaaaa so we tried writing each other's emails this week. I just asked
Sorella Jarnagin to include something about gratitude. But yea this
week was great! So I am feeling really grateful. Tuesday we had an
appointment so that we can get my companion legal in the country, and
while we were waiting for the building to open there was this other
family outside and this little girl made a funny face at me and I made
a funny face back, and then she started hugging me and basically we're
best friends now. Other highlights: there was a baptism on Saturday,
for this 19 year old couple from Venezuela. They are the most
beautiful, amazing, John Green story waiting to happen.

Supermarket lady came to church yesterday! She's doing great. And
remember that best two years moment we had after zone conference in
Rome? Yea, we found out this week that that guy is getting baptized
June 11th! June 11th is the day for another one of our investigators!
I'm so excited for this woman. You know, like, I feel like I was
always meant to serve a mission, and that I would have always
regardless, come here, to this mission. And this woman who is getting
baptized June 11th is one of the people I feel like I was supposed to

June is soon baby!

Sorry mom, I have a lot of pictures that are really cool to send you next week, but they're all on my camera. But here is a picture that shows how much Heavenly Father loves His children. Because when the heat hits, and you're walking around all day and realize that you should have brought water or else you're going to die, but then you run into one of these bad boys! Tender mercies.

Sorella Holiday

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