Monday, August 1, 2016

Rome water fountains save lives

Well, it was another very hot week in Rome. Minus the rain,
unfortunately, but never minus the miracles. We just had to endure a
little longer for them.

We did see some miracles just handed to us when we did our scambi
(companion exchanges, don't know if I ever clarified that) this week.
For one scambio we went to the Rome 6 area, to work with the sisters
over there. We ended up having one of the coolest park lessons ever!
We went to go see if a woman was there that they had met the other
day, and we got there and she was there, but also she was with another
couple. We taught them the message of the restoration and it was
awesome because this woman and her husband and the friend were pretty
much like "the cool kids" at the park. You could just tell that they
totally ran that part of town. And to give you a better visual, Rome
6, it's definitely the very classy side of Rome.
It was awesome though because as we taught and testified, the other
people around them stopped talking also, and began listening in. One
woman began coming closer to the bench, and now that the cool kids
were listening to the Mormons, everyone was trying to get in on that
action. Don't worry, there's enough for everyone! Bread to feed
thousands, no? They were great. We prayed together, and they even
offered to have us over at their house to eat spaghetti after they get
back from their vacation!

As for the work in our own area, it's really taught me about patience
and I didn't even realize until this morning that that is what it was
teaching me. Patience goes hand in hand with hope. I've been studying
a lot about faith and hope and having the hope has helped me keep a
positive attitude knowing that the Lord fulfills His promises. Having
faith, has made me want to work hard to let the Lord know, that yes, I
do believe. So I guess that this week it was put to the test. We had a
lot of great gospel conversations but no one would pray with us. No
one was available, or they were too tired, or we missed an
appointment, or just everything! We did so much finding under the hot
sun, or in the air conditioned metro. (Our area may not be the
fanciest...well, let's be real it's straight up the hood, we meet for
church in a former prison, haha, but we have the NICEST metro in our
area. It's so funny, and seems so out of place when you first see it.

But anyways, we worked really hard finding people this week and
looking for ways to serve people. Thursday night after English course,
we kept on searching for people and talking with everyone and it
wasn't until 8:55 p.m. (5 minutes before curfew) that we found this
awesome 17 year old girl right down the street from our apartment, who
wants to meet with us again!
And then Friday she contacted us letting us know that her mom
surprised her with a vacation, and so she's out of town until who
knows when, but we'll hear from her again sometime at the end of
August. Haha, it's culture here to go out and be gone for all of
August, and so it has been the dreaded month for many missionaries,
but President Uchtdorf was here a week or two ago and said to the
mission president, that we shouldn't fear August, and so we keep
pushing forward!
I don't think I've been blessed with so much time to do finding as I
was this week, and I don't think I've passed out more pass a long cards
than I have my whole mission.

We met a lot of wonderful people, and potential, and in the end we
didn't get to teach a single lesson this week. Like, not even to a
member...but then Sunday after church
we had one of the COOLEST MIRACLES.

Wait for it....


That's right. Cue the hallelujah chorus.

We had two missed calls on the phone from her, and called the number
back and I don't even remember which person it was, but she remembered
my name, and apologized for not coming for church and just expressed
how kind she thought we were, and wasn't interested in setting up an
appointment. Then we saw a missed call again a few hours later, and we
called back, and she said she had watched one of the videos on Christ
and she just felt so emotional while watching it, she had called back.
We're going to see her this next Friday! It's so great that at least
we were able to help leave a strong enough impression on at least one

Well that was the week :)

Sorella Holiday
 We did a gesso with the other Rome missionaries on Saturday night.

We went to a members home with the Sears couple

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