Monday, September 19, 2016

Boots and niggles

Boots and niggles (British words that we don't use in American English, but I'm going to
use now as much as I can)

Caro famiglia,

I had a wonderful week. This week we had MISSION CONFERENCE. It was
life changing fantastic. The general authorities who came and spoke to
us were President Kearon and President Sabin. President Kearon is the
area president of Europe and he's British, and I'm such a fan!
Everything he said was made cooler by his accent, I could have
listened to him all day. Like it wasn't just his accent, he was also
super wise and inspired. The mission conference ended up being nothing
that I expected it to be, but everything that I needed. I've just been
quoting it all day every day since, and practicing my British accent,
and oh my goodness it was just so great. I could just binge watch
episodes of President Kearon, he's such a great speaker. Anyways,
that's probably weird.
Soooo, other than that, we did two scambi this week so I was barely
companions with Sorella Groll, on top of the having four of the Bari
sisters stay with us one night for the conference and then the next
night I slept at the Villa for the leadership conference. I missed
her! I love Sorella Groll.
It rained A LOT, but also people are a lot nicer to you when you're
soaking wet and still trying to preach the gospel, haha.
Our friend came back from India and she got us Sahrees (how do you
spell that?). Sahri...Sorry...sawree? I don't know, but WOW. So
pictures to come, and she is going to teach us how to wear them first.
Also she let us taste a type of Indian fudge, MAMMA MIA, CHE BONTÀ!
Then this week something that made me sad, was just like no one seemed
to be keeping their commitments. NO ONE. We asked one woman what might
be holding her back, and she was just like, "well, the biggest reason,
is really just laziness. Because it's not like I can't find five
minutes during the day to read the scriptures". Yes! I love that woman
she's so real. I'm sad of people saying "I can't, sorry I just
couldn't", and it made me reflect of how Heavenly Father must feel
when we don't keep our promises. He only asks us to do the things that
will bring us the most happiness. So I thought, wow, what can I be
doing better? Surely there are a lot of things, and "can't" has just
got to get out of the vocabulary. He always provides a way! It's all
about acting, and being agents.

Birthday shout outs to- Courtney, Jennifer and Yesenia!!!! I love you
beautiful women.

Mtc group
Man we are a good looking crew. 
Finally reunited after 1 year.

Presiden Kearon
I looked like a hot mess after it rained, POURED, on our way to the leadership training. 
He is so cool!

 Pday pictures :)




My hair is getting longer

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