Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Sorella Groll!

Today's my companions birthday! So we are going to go to Villa
Borghese to ride bikes, and a lot of missionaries probably think it's
weird that we are riding bikes for fun, but hey!

I don't really know what to write about this week. It rained, so we
all know what that means - miracles! We actually called a woman, who
was an investigator in the past, and she asked to be baptized. I was
so humbled by that, I can't even describe it. She said she was hoping
we would call. When we met with her she talked about how she's
continued to read the Book of Mormon, and she's prayed, and she says
she doesn't know what those sisters did in the past, but she has had a
complete change of heart. And it's not that the sisters did anything
bad in the past, but it's that they did EVERYTHING. They loved her
wholeheartedly, and those little acts of kindness helped change her
heart, and the heart of her husband, who, a year ago was super against
her joining another church, says now that he wants her to do what she
feels is right.

After that lesson I could have literally fell to my knees outside of
her apartment complex and just offered up a prayer of gratitude. We
didn't right here, but after. I felt so humbled, because I realized I
needed to be giving more heart to things. I think I got so stressed
out lately that I was forgetting to stop, and pay attention to the
little things that matter.
This transfer with the sisters we're studying charity and consecration
so I looked some things up on consecration, and one talk talked about
"Many missionaries in Europe and similar places who never stop
offering their bruised hearts despite continual rejection." and I was
like ouch, that hits home, but his point was that we shouldn't stop.
Consecration doesn't equal perfection, like I think I thought it did
in the past. It just means doing your absolute best, but recognizing
your weaknesses. Accepting that your consecrated effort will only ever
be "almost" but that with Christ, it will be enough. So I'm working on
giving more heart to things, and not worrying about the outcome. There
are a lot of people that could care less, but there are also those
special people notice every effort you give in helping them.

Other big news for the week, our members are back from Switzerland! It
was so cool to see one of the members on Saturday right after, she
just had this light and looked like a changed person. Sorella Sears
(her and her husband are a senior couple serving in our ward, and they
went on the temple trip as well) she said that when the bus arrived to
the temple after the 12-14ish hour bus ride everyone started clapping
their hands, and some cried, and they sang, (in Italian) the hymn,
"Beautiful Zion, Built Above". I'm just so happy for them and I can't
wait until that day that they get a temple here at Rome!

Well, there was a lot else, but that was pretty much the week! :)

Also, Villa Borghese today was a magical fairytale bike ride. You can
google it, but the pictures probably don't do it justice. We went with
the Rome 6 Sorelle

We took a break from the bikes for a photo shoot :)

When it rained and we borrowed an umbrella from the church.
Darn it, my arm looks so fat when I hold the water bottle there. 

 I forgot my watch one day

Waiting at the bus stop

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