Monday, September 26, 2016

La Vita è Bella

So some great things that happened this week: 
We discovered a new fruit. I think it's some type of cactus fruit.
One of our members bought us a basketball! It will be fun to mix up morning workouts. That was just so nice of him, I still can't believe it.
We went a WHOLE WEEK without eating pasta. We didn't have it a single time! That hasn't happened in like forever. You'd be so proud mom.

As for the more important things, it wasn't the most fun week, but still we saw some amazing things happen. Tuesday we had all of our appointments in the afternoon cancelled last second, so we went out and did some wonderful finding, and got to talk with the great people of Rome. We didn't really have any success, and we got to English class about 15 minutes early to set up, and there were people outside waiting but luckily it was the only time I've ever forgotten the keys, and all the Anziani ended up being late, and I say luckily because it gave us more time to do another round of the neighborhood and go talking with people, and so we decided to use the time to invite people to come to the free English class. No one ended up coming, but then Thursday one of the ladies came and she brought her children and her sister and her sisters children! They're such an amazing family! That's only the second time in my mission someone I've personally invited has actually come, so it was pretty great. 
Also on Sunday for the first time since I've been in Rome someone actually came to church! It was awesome to just see her face light up when she came in. Like church is really good stuff! We don't just say it to people to just say it, but like c'è bisogno ogni domenica. 

I've learned a lot this week about gratitude. You're happier once you realize all there is to be grateful for. I was making a list of all my blessings, and it just made me happy, and pretty overwhelmed at the same time. I've realized that all the greatest blessings that I have in my life, come back to, well Heavenly Father of course, but then facilitated through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They come from faithful parents who continually strive to change and be better everyday following the example of Jesus Christ and living His gospel, and being faithful to their baptismal covenants and helping out in the church of Jesus Christ. 
I have everything! Like I really have everything I could ever ask for and its because of my amazing penitent parents. 
We say the gospel blesses lives like every day, and it really does. I know it does. I've seen it. 
I'm so happy and grateful for my everything! 
Having all this, it's my duty but more importantly it's my desire to share it with everyone. I can't just go on living selfishly with all these blessings. 

Well, much love all! Have a blessed week

Sorella Holiday 

 We did a district pday today and went to see a castle and we all got to pay the Italian price because Anziano Da Ponte is Italian and Anziano Moraes has Italian citizenship.

 Pensive, haha

My prom pose

 Left over soup from Sorella Sears

 New fruit and
us NOT eating pasta

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