Monday, October 10, 2016

Fourth floor last door

It was a great week! But I totally don't feel like writing a big group
email this week. I just want to go party with my new comp. Soooo, the
big things that happened,
Transfers, so my last companion went to Foggia, and I'm here with a
new companion - Sorella Dustin! Her grandma lives in Stockton, and all
her cousins live in Manteca. Like they went to Manteca and Sierra High
School. I know who they are. Isn't that so crazy??? That may seem
normal if you are right now in either Manteca or Stockton, but there are
like 15 million members of the church and the fact that I played
sports against her cousins and our Italian bishop served his mission
in Manteca is kind of crazy! Coincidence? I don't think so.

One of the cool miracles we saw this week was last night, plans fell
through so we decided to do some door to door. The first doorbell we
rang was this man, who told us to go away, and then (also remember,
door to door is ringing apartment intercoms in Italy) yea well and
then we didn't, so he came down stairs to yell at us and as he was
coming down I saw him through the glass and realized I knew him! Haha,
we were just in this seemingly random neighborhood in giant Rome, and
the first person we ring is someone I know! Ha, so he didn't yell at
us, instead he was nice and gave us some tips on where we could go do
finding in the neighborhood.

I've been scanning through a bit the rest of the conference talks that
we didn't get to see and they are so great! I loved President Nelsons
talk on Joy, especially because, guess what? President Nelson is
coming to our mission in two weeks! Woooooo
I'm so excited.

Old companion and new companion :)

(Note from Sorella Holiday's mom)-Bro. Holzapfel visiting Rome on Sunday took a picture with Sorella's Holiday and Dustin and emailed it to us yesterday.

This is pretty much the only picture I took this week. We went to the American family in our wards house for dinner and they are like 100% American, and it was the biggest culture shock of my life. And I realized that I am going to be the awkward returned missionary someday. They fed us hamburgers and ROOTBEER and gave us both big things of peanut butter because my companion was getting transferred. It was great! But yea, I'm super robotic speaking to people who are not my companion in English, and I think I looked like a deer in the headlights half of the time, haha.

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