Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's not our pie

It's been a pretty interesting week. We've had a lot of highs and
lows. However I just feel so grateful to be a missionary, and to get
to witness the hand of the Lord everyday. We were talking about it
this week, and I was like, this is really not our work. With all the
miracles that we witness all of the time, I can't deny that missionary
work is led and guided by, not us, but our loving Heavenly Father and
Jesus Christ.
It's like a pie. My mom makes really really great pie, but you would
never say that, oh that spoon made a really good pie, or that bowl
did, or whatever other instrument was used in the process, but like,
that's my moms pie. And so it is for us in this great labor of love.
We're just instruments in His hands, we're only a means to an end, and
it is truly the greatest privilege.

I was feeling a little discouraged the other day, realizing how little
time I have left, and looking back at what I've done in the past 14
months. This week no one was progressing towards the Savior, and in my
time here most of the people I've taught haven't made it to the waters
of baptism. During zone conference yesterday, (we had zone conference
that's why our pday is Tuesday this week) they highlighted the
different baptisms that there were last transfer in all the mission
and it was cool because all except two were people that had been
investigators for a really long time, or who were investigators like
10-20 years ago. So you never know when those people will be ready,
but someday they just might be! So maybe I've just planted a ton of
seeds for most of my time out, but it's been a joy. :)

Other things that happened this week, we did wheelchair finding
because my companion was injured but I'd go crazy if we had to be
locked up in the house all day. I got to do a scambio with the lovely
Sorella Moro. And yea, other belle cose :)

We have the zone with the most sisters!

Last pday :)

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