Monday, October 3, 2016

"You don't find the happy life, you make it"

This was one of the best weeks of my whole mission/whole life. Last
night after one of our friends came to the Saturday afternoon
broadcast of conference, we walked her to the bus stop and it was
bright and sunny outside and raining and there was a complete rainbow.
It was just like the cherry topper on a great week. Afterwards I just
wanted to go inside and lay on the church floor happily and watch the
rest of conference, but I didn't, haha, I sat in a chair.

Saturday we were looking back on the week, and we couldn't believe all
of the miracles happened in the same week, because they were like BIG
and I'm not going to write most of them because they were really
sacred to me, and probably boring for most of you to read anyways.

We did two companion exchanges last week because it's the end of the
transfer, tonight we get transfer calls so next week you'll find out
if anything changed. But health problems and a lot of things stopped
us from doing our scambi and so we had to shove them in the last week,
and we ended up doing two back to back scambi.

I went to Ostia one day! It was great, and I got to work with the
lovely Sorella Leathern. She is literally so fantastic , I'll tell ya,
the sisters in this mission are just stellar, all of them. Wednesday
night, we went to go visit a potential, but there was no one at home
and so then while we were waiting at the bus stop, I had the
impression to ring the doorbell of the house across the street, and we
were in no rush, and so we went, and this young man came out who has
studied with a lot of religions in the past but wants to know if the
Book of Mormon is true! That neeeevvverrr happens. That is probably
the first time anyone has ever let us teach the full message of the
restoration at their door step since I have been out! It was awesome
and we just kept seeing these types of miracles all week.

I learned that if you just keep hoping, keep acting on your faith, and
be believing, you will have success. I love being a missionary! I also
learned and decided, never take the easy route. In the end, the hard
road is so much more worth it. It takes time, and patience, but it is
worth it. Any trial, can be for your gain.

Oh also a cool story! So we had our first gypsy encounter on the metro
this week, and it was like a movie. It was the most crowded part of
the day and we were at termini, finishing up a scambio. Everyone was
pushing to get on and there was this teenage girl behind us and I felt
bad because it looked like she wasn't going to get on, but at the same
time I was like eh, whatever. (I'm a lot better person now, but I'm
not perfect yet) so we start getting on, and then this Italian man,
struggles to tell me in broken English, "that girl is a pick pocket"
and I was like okay, thank you. And then we all got down and I looked
down and I see the girl doing some weird thing and she tries to go
into my companions purse, and I was like "Sorella" and as I said that
this man grabbed the girl and pulled her off the metro as the doors
were closing and we looked out the windows and then the girl starts
hitting the man and yelling at him, and I was just like "whoa, that
girl was trying to pickpocket you". And so yea, just another guardian

Have a blessed week! I love you :)

Sorella Holiday

 We saw the temple for pday today

 I love to see the temple

Here is a picture from last week

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