Monday, March 28, 2016


I cannot believe I've only been in Pescara one week now so much has
happened. We have one of our friends getting baptized next Sunday, and
another one chose her baptismal date this week for April 9th! They are
seriously both so cool, one of them is 23 and she is blind. She
studied the Word of Wisdom (the commandment of why Mormons don't drink
coffee) and before we even taught it she told us she's already been
telling her friends and family the things she won't be drinking
anymore so that they can get used to it. Whenever we see her, (which
is often because we have a lot to teach her before next Sunday!) it
makes us feel like we are missionaries from "The District" (like a
reality tv show about missionaries that all missionaries have to watch
before they serve). It's awesome. She's just one of the most sincere
human beings ever. She told us this week about how she feels that her
not being able to see hasn't turned out being a bad thing for her,
because she feels that because of it she's able to see the world with
different eyes, and it has helped lead her to help her become the
person she wants to be and the person Heavenly Father knows she can

It's sooo weird being the older companion in the companionship. I'm so
used to depending on my other companions to fill in the holes of my
Italian. But now I'M THAT PERSON. And scratch everything I said in
passato, I DO NOT SPEAK ITALIAN. Holy cow, it's rough. This week we
were teaching the law of chastity to someone and at the beginning of
the lesson she was like, ya know I'm old and divorced I'm not going to
have kids and I don't really see the point of me following this
commandment. And at the end of the lesson we were all in tears and she
was like yes I am going to do this. Let me just say, it was definitely
nothing that come out of our mouths that helped convince her that the
law of chastity is awesome. Our language skills seriously lack. But
that was the power of the spirit. That was the Holy Ghost that
witnessed to her heart the eternal truth of that commandment. I love
that woman.

There are so many soul sisters here in Pescara! The ward is great, I
think I said that last week, but still holds true haha :). Our ward
mission leader asked me to write a rap for their combined Relief
Society Priesthood class May 29th, about what we do as missionaries
and how important it is that the members help us in the work, hahaha.
Yea. So the Sistah with the d oh double g, Hdogg, strait outta
Stockton will be releasing her first single this May, of her sweet
Italian rhythms and rhymes. I'll keep y'all posted. Haha, just
kidding. But it's really happening.

Saturday night we did a gesso (a mostra with chalk) ... (mostra, I
don't know how to translate that), but I forgot to take the picture we
took from one of the Anzianis cameras and so apart from that I don't
have any pictures this week. But the Mostra went really well, we drew
a picture of the tomb where Jesus was buried and in it we wrote, "He
is not here, He is risen, HE LIVES" and we got to show some of the
Easter videos with some people and we got some numbers from people who
are really interested! Woo, Pasqua!

Today is Pasquetta, and so it is the after party of Easter in which
everyone goes out and has a picnic with their families :). For the
missionaries it's deep cleaning day. But yesterday for Easter we ate
at a members house and had lamb, and ravioli and lots of good things.
It's really awesome being in a Christian country during Easter because
almost everyone knows why we celebrate it. Christ was resurrected from
the dead! Christ lived, how awesome is that? And how much more
wonderful is it that He still lives? He gives us the opportunity to
live again, after we die, but also to start again fresh everyday if
we've messed up. I know that's true. I love this opportunity I have to
invite people learn more about Him and become closer to Him everyday
not only for 18 months, but for the rest of my life.

Buona Pasquetta! Auguri! Vi voglio bene :)

Sorella Holiday

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