Monday, March 7, 2016

Ye fre me Yaa (in Twi, My name is Yaa )

Wow thank you for all the prayers, because this week we made it, 7 for
7, a meal appointment EVERYDAY. Perfect week. Haha, but jokes aside
this week was soooo fantastic!

So like I said last week I was feeling kind of down and really just
being a loser, and I was pretty much sad when I realized that everyone
I've taught on my mission somehow disappeared or wouldn't commit
themselves to anything and so they never progressed. And I was like
what the heck! Like the joy missionaries talk about from serving a
mission they say comes from seeing people change and the joy they
receive from accepting the gospel. But then Jen emailed me, she's so
fabulous and wise, and she told me to read a section from preach my
gospel. So I read it and it really broke my boxes about being lame. So
I was like, okay, why am I sad?! Well like of course I'm sad because
all those people disappeared, but I get to serve Jesus Christ with all
my heart for 18 months! That's awesome! So I decided to stop focusing
on the bad things and remember how blessed I am.

This week one of our investigators accepted to be baptized! April
23rd, we're really excited for her. In church we had 10 members, who
never ever come to church, that came to church! Also the wife of one
member, he has been praying for years that she would come, she's not a
member and the Elders had been teaching her and they passed her off to
us and we saw her this week and she came to church for the first time!
Samuel was so happy it was so sweet.

On Thursday, we went to the house of one of our families in the
international branch, they're from Ghana. The father and the daughter
are members, but the two sons and the mother are not. The daughter
invited us over to eat Fufu, on Thursday but her mom said it would
take a while to make the sauce...soup,broth? Boh. Comunque, that thing
for the Fufu, so she made us another food from Ghana with yams, and
invited us to come back Friday. But long story short, we've become
best friends in those two meal appointments and she invited me and
Sorella Rossi to come to Ghana next year with her. So that's on the
agenda for 2017. But what was even cooler was on the second day,
Friday, she read the Book of Mormon with us! (The mom) it was a
miracle because she has been very very against the church. Also, she
doesn't speak very much English or very much Italian, so for her it's
pretty much just Twi, but her daughter and her daughters friend who is
also a member was there and translated while we read the introduction
of the Book of Mormon together in Twi. We brought the Book of Mormon
in Twi just in case we had the chance to do something with her and not
just her daughter. It was awesome. I was so proud of those girls
translating and explaining everything to her, they're going to be such
great missionaries some day! I also learned that my Ghana name is Yaa.
Haha. The subject title of the email means "My name is Yaa" in Twi.

Other highlights, I got to teach someone how to play "I am a child of
God" on the piano. I went to a Chinese buffet. Teaching a woman from
New York, grew up there but is Italian and lives here now, and just
goes in and out of English and Italian when she speaks. Haha, what
soul sister.

Yay have a great week, and special shout out to the women because
tomorrow is woman's day in Italy!

Sorella Holiday

 It's been really windy lately

 This area is behind our church building


 Fufu party

 The Fufu
For pday today we went to Monreale. It's really beautiful and we saw a
church that is almost all gold on the inside. It was so cool

 Outside the church in Monreale

 Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob

 Inside the church it tells almost all of Genesis starting with God
creating the world, and ending with Jacob having his name changed to
Israel. And then there is the whole story of Christ's life behind the
pillars. IT WAS SO AWESOME. Especially being able to understand the
bible and my companion understands Latin so who needs tour guides!

 Fish slayer statue outside of the church

Too cute

 Typical Italian missionary lunch

This is the train station

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