Monday, March 21, 2016


Ahh Pescara is sooo awesome! My companion is so great, the ward is so
big, and the people are amazing. The train ride to get here lasted
like forever. We had to get up at 4:30 on Thursday to get to the train
station on time, and the train left at 7 a.m., and then we finally got
to Rome at 7:35 p.m. Then we missed the bus to Pescara and had to take
the one at 9, members then picked us up from Pescara (shout out to
those amazing amazingly kind people) around 11:30 and we got home at
about midnight. It was INSANE. But yay now I'm here! I started getting
sick  Wednesday night so I've been kind of dead the past few days with
that and lack of sleep, but we're gettin by.
It's like a different world up here in the north, I kind of feel like
I left the country, haha. Everything is really modern and Pescara is
an incredibly clean city. It's really green, and where we live there's
hills of olive trees behind our house and we're like an 8 minute jog
from the sea. So morning runs are really beautiful.
I really don't know what to say I just feel really happy and really
blessed to be here. We have a baptism scheduled for April 2nd with an
amazing fabulous girl. I'm so excited for her, and so is she. She says
she's sad she's had to wait 23 years for this day (she's 23). We have
another few investigators that are getting ready for baptism. It's so
nice to be able to teach people who are so prepared and who really
sincerely want to hear.
Here we are leaving the island

Leaving Sicily

 Our final district picture. I don't know why we didn't take a normal picture, haha :)

 Palermo fam


 Bishops family

 Nonna. I love this woman, we found her on the tram. I hope everything goes well for her and the missionaries of Palermo.

 Such a miracle!

Isn't she so pretty? Like an African queen <3 :)

 Our morning run in Pescara

This is our kitchen window and it perfectly describes everyday

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