Monday, March 14, 2016


A couple weeks ago my companion told me she knows a place that sells
brown sugar. I started freaking out because like brown sugar means
banana crumb muffins, cinnamon rolls, CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, and so
many other buoni American dolci, but really most importantly and above
all else, CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. I was a little skeptical because I
had searched before for brown sugar in Ragusa, and Sorella Roberts and
I found the closest thing was jaggery, which is an Indian sugar and
made our Christmas cinnamon rolls very interesting. But my companion
was like no don't worry, I bought this kind at home, it tastes sooooo
good, this is the real brown sugar. So like, of course, last week I
bought seven bags. I had to stock up because you never know when
you'll come across that again! So last week we decide to make
chocolate chip cookies, I opened the bag, tasted it, NOT BROWN SUGAR.
Bleh, haha. So I have seven bags of that, but we decided to make the
cookies anyways and they were still really good. But like in a year
and a half when I get home, I'm expecting a bowl full of brown sugar
and a spoon waiting for me so I can just dig into that deliciousness.

This week was fantastic! I gave a talk in church yesterday, it went
really well. Last time I gave a talk in church was, aha unforgettable
for sure. I never wrote about that because it was so embarrassing lol
but yesterday made me realize like wow! I've been out here for a good
amount of time now! I can speak. Having an Italian companion really
does help, she's so great.

This week were transfers, and I'm getting transferred to Pescara! I
hope that was as much of a shock to you all as it was to me! I had a
feeling I would get transferred but at the same time, weird because I
only did 6 weeks here. Everyone was shocked, and it's weird but at the
same time I feel like I was here and I was able to do what the Lord
needed me to do in this time. We got blown in here together and there
was literally nothing, and things were really crazy, but I feel like I
was able to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to help find
some of the people He has been preparing. Even if I won't have the
opportunity to be here and help teach those people, I feel like I did
the work I needed to.
I'm going to miss Palermo dearly, but I'm excited and I've heard good
things about Pescara! It's on the north end of the mission, and
another seaside city. Thursday I'll take the train to get there.
Sorella Workman, who is serving on the other side of Palermo right now
will be getting transferred to an area in Rome, so at least I'm not
going alone! It is 12 hours to Rome and so weird to think right now
I'm as far away from the mission home as my home in Stockton is from
Provo. Weird! My next companion is Sorella Anderson from Alaska, and I
will be her follow-up trainer! Which really just means I'll be her
first companion after her trainer.
There are good things waiting in Pescara :)

Since we have like an easy bake oven and not a real one, we just bake our cookies in a pan like brownies annd everyone was like, oh brownies, thank you! And we were like nooooo, these are cookies shaped like brownies because we could only make like 2 cookies at once if we did them as circles

windy day

Selfie :)

Greek Temple Ruins

We went to Agrigento today, better photos on the camera maybe you'll get those next week.

It's so beautiful!
On the 8th of March there were special flowers that they gave to all the women in Italy. We got some :)


Sorella Holiday, Vida and Sorella Rossi

Sister Mannino


Haha :)

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