Monday, August 22, 2016

I survived Ferragosto!

Since I've been on the mission I've been told horror stories about how
awful August is, specifically Ferragosto. But honestly it wasn't that bad
or as dead as Ragusa during the holidays, so I don't know what all the
fuss was about. Like yes, A LOT of people were on vacation, but it's
okay because now they're all getting back and we get to set up
appointments and yayyyy

We met the bishop and his family yesterday, they are fabulous. They're
probably some of the coolest people, and yes their kids are kind of
crazy but super adorable. They're half American half Italian, bishop
is Italian and his wife is American. And they speak perfect Italian
and English and its adorable.

Last week we met with this woman, she was an online referral because
she ordered the Book of Mormon and she found out about it from an app
she has on her phone for the bible. She is soooooo cool! Before we
met her and went into her house we prayed that we would be like Alma
and Amulek, and then her husband ended up being like Zeezrom, haha.
Like he was great, but just a little too ready to start a fight. She
just has this incredible light in her eyes and the three of us sat at
a table and did the lesson together, while her husband sat on the
couch with his bible all marked up, and at random points he would be
like, "QUESTION", and then he would ask a random question about
something like speaking in tongues, and then start turning in his
bible and I was like yea, just like in 1 Corinthians 14... The woman,
wasn't really in agreeance with anything her husband was saying, And
yea anyways we just kept going forward with the lesson and then at the
end when we invited her to pray for it, he was like, he saying all
this weird stuff, but anyways the spirit was so strong and it was a
really cool lesson.

We ate really good Indian food and Bolivian food this week. We didn't
have time to do grocery shopping last week, because it was deep
cleaning so we spent most of the day cleaning the house, but it was
such a miracle because people fed us sooo much this week! 4 times! We
didn't even need to do groceries.

Well, it was a great week, but there's not a whole ton of time to
write, and right now we are going to go bowling with the youth in the
ward for pday! So, lots of love, I'm feeling great, and SORA GLEASON,
both of the new sisters from the mtc are in my zone. I've only met one
of them and she is super adorable!

Alla prossima!
Sorella Holiday

 Final DDM

 President and Sister Pickerd bought us burgers

When you find Cannoli in Rome

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