Monday, August 15, 2016

Welcome to Africa!

Soooo many miracles this week! I'll tell ya, about Tuesday, it was
like the heavens opened and the faucet for miracles wouldn't turn off!
That morning we went out doing finding, and we passed by this local
garden and met this awesome woman who has actually received a Book of
Mormon from another member in a different ward. So when she got
excited about us being Mormons, it was actually sincere! She wasn't
just thinking she was meeting the Amish or a Polygamist for the first
time, haha. It's so nice to meet people who actually know who we are!
She's super open, and even introduced us to all her friends! The next
day we got to go help out in the garden and talk with more people
about the gospel. Eva was pretty excited that we got to share the
gospel with her friends, and usually I don't use people's first names
but this is too perfect.... (So if you're a missionary you will
especially understand) at the end of the week we planned to go back
and visit her and to teach the Plan of Salvation, and we were like
whooaaa... We are going to the garden to teach Eve about the plan of
salvation...haha, crazy!

We also got to meet some other super awesome people this week. One
girl came to English class discussion group, and she just had this
special light about her, and it turns out that she is someone who is
just sincerely searching. She was like, "Wow, I really liked that part
at the end. Most English courses don't share a spiritual thought"
haha, yea, we're a little different from the others. :)

Saturday we had an activity where we watched meet the Mormons,and
let's just say it went A LOT better from the last time we tried
planning an activity like this. We tried at Pescara, and it was a
total flop. But this time it was great :)

Yesterday, we ended up having two pranzo appointments....the Anziani
claim to have forgotten but I don't know if I buy that. We had planned
to go eat at one members home. He has been planning to have all the
missionaries over for months, and planning to make this big grand
African meal. he's from Gabon. It was good food. But then there was
also another member who wanted to make us all Fufu, he's from Nigeria,
and he actually brought it to church yesterday and kept it in the
fridge then heated it up for us to all eat right after church! Haha,
this member brought a friend with him, and right before we started
eating he was like "welcome to Africa!" Haha, he has nooo idea, we
were definitely welcomed yesterday with two back to back meal
appointments. So after that we went to the members home and ate with

Other highlights.... Well a funny story, so remember that bigliettino
miracle? Turns out it was just a crazy lady who is in love with an
Elder who just got transferred. (Yea, Anziano Rosenberg, watch out)
awwwwkwaaaardddd. Well, haha, that happens.

Well that's definitely not all that happened this week, but these are
some of the highlights.
Have a good week!
A dopo!
Sorella Holiday

 Being Angels
It's cool when someone says they had just finished praying asking God to send her Jesus, once you call asking them to visit. We did an impromptu lesson with her and then the Anziani came to give her a blessing.

 More of Regina

 She is basically an Egyptian princess

 Model pics, haha

 Welcome to Africa

Getting ready to dig in

 Nothing gross about sharing the same water bowl

 Sorella Groll's first Fufu

 The Fufu

And the African feasts don't stop.
Don't worry, that is sparkling cider and non alcoholic beer.

 We live in a pretty nice part of our ward boundaries

 Our morning walk to the metro

Rome is cool because there are ruins EVERYWHERE. Like this is just what we passed on our morning run. Just random arches in the ghetto.

The church

 Attached to the police office, haha

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