Monday, August 8, 2016

Most people in Rome aren't Italian


This week I studied a lot about pride and also this talk called "Which
Way Do You Face?". Pride is kind of a dangerous thing because it's
only thinking about yourself, and thinking about others only in a way
of "how can I be better than them?" Pride is competitive, and not
trying to lift others up, but only trying to lift yourself up above
others. Then I like this talk called Which Way Do You Face because in
it Elder Lynn G Robbins talks about how we all sometimes are too
worried about pleasing the world. We're too afraid of not being
popular enough, accepted, or even just of offending someone, and so we
avoid doing the thing that is right. But that's why we need courage!
Courage helps us overcome our fear even if that fear is just the fear
of man.
Sometimes after we pray before we leave the house we yell "I FEAR NO
MAN" and our neighbors probably think we're crazy but hey, it be like
that sometimes. Haha

This week we had a great week, I feel like we're finally getting more
immersed into the ward here. We still don't know who the bishop is!
Haha, but apparently he's always on vacation. So other than that, it's
getting pretty good. It's always great that first fast and testimony
Sunday in a ward, and you get to hear the testimonies of the members
and is just fantastic.

Also this week I got to do an awesome scambio with the lovely Sorella
Caramia (her last name means "My Dear" how cute is that??). And got to
teach my first lesson in Spanish last night!

That was really cool last night and I definitely gained a stronger
testimony of the gift of tongues. A lot of people in our ward are from
Spanish speaking countries like Bolivia, Peru, or the Santo Domingo,
so I've just been asking them all for help throughout the week because
we knew we would be teaching someone who speaks very little Italian.
We did NOT teach the WHOLE lesson in Spanish, I was just throwing out
whatever came to me haha, and her friend who is a member translated
and helped out. But it was just the coolest thing because the spirit
was soooo strong. Like me and my companion are over here still trying
to learn Italian too, and even if by textbook definition it was one of
the most dysfunctional lessons haha (3 foreigners trying to
communicate in a language they barely know) it was actually one of the
most functional lessons. Like one of those moments you feel like "The
District 3 - Rome Italy", with us teaching in unity, little kid crying
and playing around in the background, the member bearing testimony,
and the friend who actually has the desire to know what we're teaching
is true.
It is also pretty amazing because when it comes to talking about
religious things in Spanish, my comprehension is like almost 100%, it
was super clear everything they were talking about. Yay for Latin
languages, and yay for the help of the Spirit!

Also I'm really happy because last night coming home we met this young
Indian couple who invited us over to their house to eat Indian food,
and I'm pretty much as close as I'll ever get to India  serving here,
and a lot of other countries (unless Melissa is still down for that
post mission trip to india??)

Well that's it

#iforgot to put on makeup and we took a nap for pday :) and also did
some shopping because I'm getting tired of looking at my clothes

Where we got the sandwich

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