Monday, November 9, 2015

Scambi Magic

First off, I want to start his email off by letting you all know I had chicken wings this week. Last Sunday we ate at one family's house for pranzo, and she was asking me what meat my family eats and I said we usually eat chicken. But I said "di solito" and accented the vowels wrong and she thought I said "pollo fritto" which means fried chicken, and like, we eat that too so I didn't correct her. Then on Wednesday, another lady in the ward wanted to feed us lunch, and she made us chicken wings. Also I had cinnamon gelato this week, and had my first arancino.

We had our first lesson yesterday with Fabio! He was in Milan all week, but came back this weekend so we planned to give him a tour of the church, and play a video called, "Grazie a Lui" (you can watch it in English, it's called "Because of Him" and it came out around Easter) then find out if he wanted to investigate the church. It went really well, we ended up doing a brief overview of the Plan of Salvation, and we'll have to pass him off to the Anziani this week. When he saw the baptismal font he was like, "yes! That's how you're supposed to do it. Like in the bible." He has a lot of really good questions. Some people are just ready. We're really excited that the work is beginning to pick up! Also this Saturday there's going to be a baptism! Yayyyyy!

This week we had our first scambio! Scambio means an exchange, and it's when you trade companions for a day and divide up the work so you can go twice as hard, and learn more from another experienced Sorella. We use a lot of Italian words when we speak English to other missionaries. I don't know why, I guess we're just too lazy to translate everything over. Anyways, it was a lot of fun.

One highlight of the week was our lesson we had with one investigator who had been in Rome for the past two weeks, but is back now. As missionaries, we have a list of lessons we go through for each person, but we felt like we shouldn't move on to the next lesson without reviewing the principle of faith again. We talked about how faith leads to action, and you don't see any miracle until after the trial of your faith. The lesson was amazing, and the spirit was soooo strong. I love that woman so much. It's so cool when you're teaching a lesson and you realize that you are really just an instrument. All we do is listen, and open our mouths, words come out, and somehow it works. During that lesson it felt like my heart grew three times to fit another person inside all at once. #growingpains

It's crazy on a mission how many people you pray for everyday and how much you pray for each person. People for some reason feel instantly comfortable around us and tell us really personal things about their lives, even if we are just stopping to talk on the street. You get to know people very quickly, and even if you don't know every detail about them, you know they're a child of God, and it's easy to love them. When you pray for them at the end of the day, it's kind of painful, because you don't exactly know what they're going through, but you know you want them to feel better.

I talked to my mom once about how our lives are like a puzzle. There are a lot of different pieces that when put together, make a beautiful picture. One very important piece is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's that piece that even if you had every other piece on the puzzle there, if you didn't have this piece, you wouldn't know what the finished product was supposed to look like. You could try to shove another puzzle piece in its place, ya know cram it in there and make it fit, and it would suffice for a short while, but it would never be right.

Love you all!
Sorella Holiday
 My scambi companion. I want to be just like Sorella Thorpe when I grow up. :)

 Down there is Ibla. Ibla is like a dream. We walked down there one day last week to change up
where we do finding, and got a new contact. She's going to meet with
us this week. And I finally had gelato! It was cinnamon and heavenly.

 I wasn't ready :)
For scambios, it is tradition to order pizza for dinner.
We had pranzo before the Sorelle headed back to Siracusa.

It rained soooo hard when we dropped them off at the train station. It
looks pretty so I took a picture.

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