Monday, November 16, 2015

Transfer 2

This week was a lot of WOW "what is going on?" and "am I really in a
different country speaking Italian with this person and is this all
real?" but in a good way.
I learned a lot about the power of the Book of Mormon this week. The
name of our church is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints" and prefer the name "Latter-day Saints" but honestly, "the
Mormons" is a pretty sick nickname if there ever had to be one.

The first miracle I saw with the Book of Mormon this week was when we
were in Comiso. We finished eating lunch and we were doing language
study outside on a bench before our next appointment. I hate lugging
tons of books around with me so I just used my Italian Book of Mormon
I already had in my bag to do my language study. Then out of nowhere
this guy comes up to us and was like, "what kind of bible are you
reading?". Ha ha, you've fallen into our trap! Just kidding lol he
actually really threw us off guard. Started telling us about how he'd
been in prison for a few years (can't remember the number) and then
asked us if we had any pamphlets he could read about our church, so we
gave him one, and he went off on his way. That was one of the, "what
just happened?" moments.

Then we had a lesson with a woman from Romania. We brought her a Book
of Mormon in Romanian, and when she read the promise at the end of the
book, I wish you could see her expression and sincerity when she said
"these are beautiful words".

On Saturday it had been a pretty great week already and we were pumped
up so we did street finding with the Book of Mormon. THAT BOOK IS SUCH
FIRE. Only three people stopped and listened, and in the end there was
only one man who was interested in actually meeting another day to
talk about the book. We met with him last night, and we weren't sure
if he would actually show up, but he did! And he brought his wife and
their adorable little boy. They listened, and they want to meet with
us again tonight!

The reason the Book of Mormon pumps me up so much, is because it's
kind of a BIG DEAL. A lot of people don't believe in God because they
don't believe its rational to believe and trust and something that is
not tangible to them. God is real and there's no thought or belief
that can change that. Some people laugh at the idea of "faith", but it
makes perfect sense. If this life is all a test if it is "the time for
men to prepare to meet God" as it says in Alma 34:32, then being able
to see God in the flesh all the time working miracles that defy our
current knowledge of the universe, would be like taking a test with
the answer sheet sitting right next to your bubble sheet. You wouldn't
have to study, and in the end, you would never learn what you were
supposed to. Faith is power, and the Book of Mormon is too, because
it's like taking an open book test! It contains the fullness of the
gospel. It by no means replaces the Bible, it just supports it. It is
evidence of Gods power, it is evidence of His love for His children,
it is evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet, called of God, to help
restore the church of Jesus Christ, in its fullness, for our day.
 I've read that book, I've prayed, I cannot deny its truth.
I love these people and this work and I'm doing the coolest thing in
the world right now and it's awesome!! :D

Sorella Holiday

 We had transfers so we had a photo op after our last district meeting Tuesday. Anziono Bellows looks so fierce.
 After District meeting

 A street in Comiso

 We had pranzo in Comiso so of course we went to a panificio! This reminds me of the pretzel dogs my mom would make. 
 Nutella filled croissant for dessert! But I took a bad picture because there was a dog just drooling as he watched us eat and it made me uncomfortable.

A church in Comiso

 This is some government building that whenever we walk past and I see the statues on top I think of the Disney movie Hercules, and I feel like they'll start singing.

In Comiso waiting to go in for a lesson

This is where we run down to in the mornings, then we run back up to get home. I brought my camera this morning so you can see. :)

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